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A National Pandemic Response That Trump Resisted
New York Times
President Biden has a 21-page strategy to bolster production of vaccines, treatments and medical-grade protective gear.
Emerging Coronavirus Variants May Pose Challenges to Vaccines
New York Times
Laboratory studies of mutations circulating in South Africa suggest they may dodge some of the body’s immune responses.
Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Suspended After Wasting 890 Doses
Spectrum News
COLUMBUS, Ohio — A COVID-19 vaccine provider wasted 890 Moderna doses resulting a state investigation and a suspension for any future vaccine allocation, officials said Wednesday.

Coffee Tied to Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer
New York Times
Each additional daily cup of coffee was associated with a 1 percent decrease in the risk of prostate cancer.
What If You Never Get Better From Covid-19?
New York Times
Some patients could be living with the aftereffects for years to come. Recent research into another persistent, mysterious disease might help us understand how to treat them.