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National demand makes monoclonal antibodies hard to get in California
LA Times
Health officials in California are warning of shortages and distribution problems for a medical treatment that can keep COVID-19 patients from falling critically ill. Monoclonal antibodies have been developed as a treatment for COVID-19.
Specialty Pharmacies Cater to the Blind and Those with Impaired Vision
New York Times
The pandemic has exposed flaws in services for people who can’t easily access a drive-through window for Covid shots or testing or can’t read prescription labels.
Lawsuits Filed Against Texas Doctor Who Said He Performed an Abortion
New York Times
The suits, brought by men in Arkansas and Illinois, appear to be the first under a state law that bans most abortions after the six-week mark.
2 doses of J&J vaccine provide 94% protection, study says; US reaches death toll of Spanish flu: COVID-19 updates
USA Today
Johnson & Johnson released new data Tuesday showing a booster dose of its vaccine given two months after the one-shot vaccine provides 94% protection against moderate-to-severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Extra Dose of J. & J. Vaccine Raises Protection, Company Says
New York Times
Researchers found that two doses of the vaccine delivered 94 percent efficacy against Covid, up from 74 percent with a single shot. Here’s the latest.
A New Covid Testing Model Aims to Spare Students From Quarantine
New York Times
More school districts are embracing “test-to-stay” protocols that allow uninfected close contacts to remain in the classroom.
Taking the ‘Shame Part’ Out of Female Anatomy
New York Times
Anatomists have bid farewell to “pudendum,” but other questionable terms remains.